Dispute Resolution Products

DecisionsDirect.com provides a fair and neutral forum for quickly and easily settling civil disputes with flexible procedures which may be used separately or as part of a flexible, tailored approach to each case. Our software application accelerates the time in which each of these services is normally provided from weeks and months to a matter of days or hours.


Arbitration is like a trial, with an arbitrator acting as judge. Procedures and the rules of evidence are simpler than those of the public court system. Our system allows the arbitrator to review evidence, communicate with the parties in real time and return a written and binding decision within a short space of time.


Mediations are designed to help parties come to a mutually satisfactory settlement. The mediator works with the parties through our secure communications service – both individually and together – to arrive at an agreement they can all live with. If a resolution proves impossible, the parties can proceed through our arbitration service or to the public legal system. A mediation is usually resolved in a day or less.


Med-arb begins as mediation then converts to an arbitration if a negotiated settlement cannot be reached. The arbitrator takes evidence he has received during the mediation and returns a written and binding decision.

Neutral Third Party Evaluation

Neutral Third Party Evaluation is a non-binding arbitration by a legal professional or other expert. After reviewing the evidence and arguments of both parties the arbitrator provides a legal opinion as to the merits of their cases. This service is particularly useful where the parties to a dispute work in an ongoing business relationship and want an answer to a legal or other issue.